Saturday, February 21, 2015

Why are we Blogging?

For those AFRAID, ASHAMED or COMPLETELY ASTOUNDED in the kitchen... 

   For the Love of Food is here to share our love of food & how you can gain confidence in the kitchen. We will share recipes, cooking tips & tricks and be able to answer your questions. Confidence comes from learning the details in proper cooking techniques & the reasons why things haven't gone so great in the past- please ask questions & let us help you develop your culinary skills. Food is so much a part of our lives & developing your confidence in the kitchen is a life changing experience.

   We are also here for those of you, like ourselves, LOVE FOOD! We can keep that passion alive through trying new things- new flavors, new recipes, new ingredients and by exploring the history of food & traditional cuisines. Our goal for this blog is to give you a place to continue developing your passion for food & explore the culinary world.

   Cooking & sex are the two most intimate things in the world and we get to do one of those things with everybody.

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