Monday, May 30, 2011

Fruity French Toast

   We all have those days where all we want is a yummy piece of complex carbohydrates dipped in saturated fats and covered with those sweet simple carbohydrates! Mmm... French Toast!
   There are a few ways to make it a bit healthier, and taste even better!
   The Bread. Get a nice loaf of bread, something made at a local bakery, or in your own kitchen! Just about anything is better for you than the commercial brand of white bread, which is packed full of chemicals and sugars. Slice the bread yourself, so you can make them nice thick slices!

   The Egg. Buy local and organic. Commerical eggs (and the chickens that lay them) are fed and sprayed with pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and steroids. A bunch of things we don't want in our bodies! By purchasing organic eggs your eliminating these harmful toxins from your eggs and your diet. Even organic eggs are high in cholesterol, but eaten in moderation this is a good and nutritionally dense form of cholesterol.

   The Syrup. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. This is, by far, the most unnecessary item for our health on the menu. I recommend purchasing local maple syrup. I purchase Hickory Syrup made in Bloomington, Indiana at the Broad Ripple Farmers' Market. It has that amazing Hickory flavor. Local syrups, likes breads and eggs, are going to be better for you (generally speaking) than commercial brands. Having said that, it is still sugar! Use in moderation. The hickory syrup is strong enough that I only need to use a small drizzle, and I don't feel like I'm missing out! Find a syrup that works for you and drizzle lightly.

   The Toppings. Now to make this French Toast really awesome lets add some toppings! My favorite is bananas with strawberries and pecans. Matt's favorite is blueberries and granola. Add your favorite combination of fruits and nuts and enjoy!

   Remember to eat these things in moderation and remember to eat your fruits & veggies everyday!

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